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Fishing Log Cabins in the Lakes

Fishing Log Cabins

The River Lyne

Fishing Log Cabins – Fishing is included in the price of your stay at Shank Wood cabin. If you own your own fishing rod & fishing tackle then you are more than welcome to bring this with you. Alternatively if you would like to rent a rod, please ask prior to your booking so we can have it ready for your arrival. Each rod is £20.00 for the duration of your stay & we supply them with a spinner. 4 rods can be on the river at any one time.

Salmon & trout fishing in the Lake District is available on the river Lyne as well as Sea Trout & Wild Trout when the fish are in season. The river can be fished using fly fishing methods, spinning or with worms. At your fishing log cabins there are a number of great fishing spots & a variety of pools for Salmon & Trout angling. The log cabins with fishing have 11 pools where you can try your luck at catching supper for the evening. These are spread over a 2 mile beat of river, each having it’s own place where fish love to lie.

Fishing Pools from East to West are as follows:

A great sunny spot for Otters to chew their catch…they are still seen on the river regularly. Please be careful when wading here and fishing in the lake district as the pool shelves quickly.
Woodruff Pool
A challenge to fish but with a little bit of cunning holds some great summer sea trout.
The Shelf
Great Salmon lie but be careful when wading!
Jean’s Pool
One of the most rewarding pools to fish, situated outside the cabin. Why not watch the sea trout move into the shallows at dusk sitting in the “Hollow Log”.
Fairy Table
Another challenge to fish but can be rewarding off the top of rock with stealth.
The Deep
A Deep pool to enjoy Lake District Fishing.
Spencer’s Pool
Named after a gentleman who caught his first double figure Salmon here.
Great place to picnic on the sand and a swim.
Lady Pool
Great place to picnic on the sand and a swim in the river.
Foul Bottom
Difficult to fish but can hold some chubb.
Snowdrop Pool
Some big fish have been sited here. Recently cleared to allow good fishing access.
South Ford
One big pool with some great places to fish, can be very productive.


Species present are the following at your fishing log cabins:

Close Season
Migratory Salmon 1st November – 31st January Size Limit Any Adult
Migratory Trout 16th October – 30th April 250mm in Length
Brown Trout 1st October – 14th March 200mm in Length
Char 16th March – 15th March 200mm in Length
Dace 16th March – 15th March 200mm in Length
Chubb 16th March – 15th March 200mm in Length
Eel 16th March – 15th March No Limit

Please always keep records of catches in the book provided.

Fishing in the Lake District is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors & admire the scenery Shank Wood cabin has to offer. The river is formed near the hamlet of Stapleton by the confluence of the Black Lyne & White Lyne moving from the north and the White Lyne from the Northeast. After the meeting of the water, the river continues in a west by south westerly direction to Lynefoot where it flows into the Border Esk.

For the beginners amongst you we would recommend a spinning rod (supplied by us for £20 for the duration of your stay) if you don’t have your own. For those of you who are a little more advance you may want to use a stick float with worms or maggots… find a deep pool & try your luck! Log cabins with fishing can be fun for all ages & abilities!

Of course it is not compulsory to fish whilst staying in the beautiful Shank Wood cabin, you can always sit back & relax, watching the Kingfishers, Otters & Roe Deer in the area. But if you do like log cabins with fishing you will be happy to know that during the summer you could find yourself hooking a brown trout or seat trout for supper. Salmon & Trout fishing are common on the River Lyne & we encourage guests to tell us when they have caught fish. We ask that you only take one fish per person & return the small fish to the river so they are able to spawn, protecting the eco system for future guests.

Fishing Log Cabins can also be fun for the kids… they may want to try their luck at hooking their supper! Please be careful when walking & fishing the river as it can sometimes be in flood & the rocks can also be slippery underfoot.

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